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Monday, September 24, 2007

Great weekend.

All in all it has been a great weekend. It was a class race with all the Euro front runners. I raced hard knocking over two seconds off my qualifying time.
It was a real testement to Martin also that his newly built unridden bike could make it to the rostrum. He never saw my race though as he too was riding, finishing a credible 11th.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Went for it.

Had a good race, really went for it from the off.
It was just me and Mark Lawes at the front for the whole race. I didnt realise Stephan Meiners was creeping up behind and just pinched 2nd off me as we crossed the line.
Not bad when you think the bike had not turned a wheel before yesterday.

Mark Lawes is the 2007 European Champion.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Working late.

Martin has got most things done as well as cooking dinner for everyone! I am hoping that now the yoke is sorted the handling will be transformed.
After trying a much harder spring we are trying one a bit softer.
Now he just has to put the motor back together and build the bike back up!

Brand new bike.

Of course with this being a totally new machine we are finding all sorts of things as I push it more and more. The back is still not right, too hard I think.
The big problem is the front - under heavy braking the bike does not want to turn. Let the brakes off, no problem.
Turns out the bottom yoke is actually touching the frame causing the steering to stick! Managed to qualify 7th though amongst all the Euro regulars.

not forgotten

not forgotten
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We have not forgotten Gordon just because he has been left at home. The team are running four bikes this weekend. Jan is riding an Over Yamaha with the number 66 in Gordon's honour.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bound for Assen.

Good morning, just on my way to the Netherlands, to work with the Mali-Jawa team again for the last round of the European Supermono championship.

I am really looking forward to it as Martin has now finished the third bike.

Keep coming back for updates as I will be be keeping the blog current from my mobile phone.

Photo by Rejman.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everyone's a winner!

I was getting ready to send out the official notifications of Gordon's new owner, and some of his mates thought that everyone deserved to be a winner, so they got to grips with the membership cards.
They fought it out and picked who got what. If you are a sponsor member, keep your eye on the post - it might just be a baby shark, coozie, hat or t- shirt.
If you get a t-shirt and it doesn't fit pleas pass it on to someone who might appreciate it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Draw video.

Just so you can see the actual draw as it took place:

Here you can see 'The Judge' Johnny Corrin years ago, when we were in the 1989 Belstaff team together. From the left, Trevor Nation, Steve Ives, Johnny Rea Snr. at the back, Johnny Corrin in front of him, then me, together with some other blokes - including Mark Farmer and Ron Haslam!!
I would really like to thank all Gordon's special friends for contributing to the project and especially to all the people who bought sponsor memberships, I could not have done the 'Gordon Project' without you.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

And the winner is...

Alex won the race, Glen won the championship and John Corrin won Gordon.
J.C. and I rode together in the Belstaff team in the '80s.
He was a very good rider, I wonder if winning Gordon is enough to tempt him back on track...

Winner will pick the winner!

Here we are at Mallory park waiting for the supermono race so that the winner can pick out the sponsor of Gordon that will win him.
Alex Hutchinson on the NWS is on pole with Glen next in 2nd.
I will be doing the race commentary with Fred Clarke so I hope it will be an exciting race.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Clean and shiny.

Sunday we will find out who will be getting Gordon, so I am doing a bit of polishing and shining up, so that he looks nice on the special day.

Don't forget if you would like to be part of the 'Gordon' project there is still time to contribute. Each £60 sponsorship will get a membership number that will be included in the draw to win him, click here for more details: Gordon's 100 club