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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sunny Sun Inn

I took Gordon out today for a pint at The Sun Inn in the lovely Yorkshire Dales, Steve McNichol was already there so on hand to help out.
We thought it would give us an opportunity to get some work done to him and at the same time advertise his 100 Membership club.
Gordon was very reluctant to start and then, when he did start he kept cutting out, we found several small electrical glitches but couldn't find the main problem.
I'm ever so glad we found this out now, it would have been a nightmare going all the way to Pembrey to find out he wouldn't run!

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Anonymous said...

Frush would have met you, had he known. He worked in Timble for a few years and loves the area ..

The link you posted to the Sun Inn site is mis-spelled - it should be