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Monday, October 30, 2006

Back home

I was at the NEC for the ACU helping to promote their new Suzuki Trophy one make series. Being there for four days I thought I would have loads of time to sort out some deals for myself, however I didn't take into account how busy I would be talking to people interested in the new series.
In the few moments I had away from the stand I managed to speak to several people who were interested in my idea with the SZR. I think everyone secretly likes backing the under dog and with this project and its limited (very) budget an under dog it is!

If I'm going to run the standard wheels the biggest issue will be limited tyre selection, Dunlop look like they have just the tyre for me, but first I must test them, once the bike is back together.

A world renowned manufacturer of blasting equipment (Guyson) based locally have offered to sand/bead/or vapor blast anything I need, so frame, wheels and just about everything will go there first.

Photo is me giving the 'hard sell' about the new ACU Suzuki Trophy Series on the Dunlop stand.

The highlight of the show for me was someone has already offered to buy the bike at the end of the year....Cool.

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Anonymous said...

Already sold?? - are you taking a first refusal list for this fantastic machine?